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Vicki knight

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Vicki knight is a specialist in the world of fragrances. Her main focus is to help people save money on quality fragrances, and smell amazing from head to toe.

“Perfume is the indispensable compliment to the personality of women ,the finishing touch on a dress.”
Christian Dior
If your a fragrance addict and love to smell fabulous you need to speak with Vicki. Her sample kit packed full with over 150 fragrances your sure to find your perfect scent.
Tell her what scents you like. She will happily help you find the perfect Parfum / Aftershave.
Also, she can match your favourite fragrance through out your home. With matching home fragrance, in candles, fragrance sticks, vacuum fragrance, car fragrance.

These fragrances are high quality for both men and ladies with out a huge designer price tag.
So how do we do this ?
Designers only own their bottle designs, packaging logo and brand name.
We buy the same fragrance essence from the same container and give it a number And it’s own unique bottle.
Our fragrances are made up of 20 -30 % fragrance oil making it a Parfum. Designers use 16% Oil which is classed as eau du Parfum or 8% eau du toilette.
By missing out the middle man and selling these fragrances through direct selling. I am able to keep costs down for you.
We dont pay for celebrity endorsements or in high street shops who all take their cut.
So if your not a bottle snob and love incredible fragrances.
Let me help you build a fantastic perfume collection or find the perfect present for a loved one. At a fraction of the price.
You don’t wear the bottle.
A gorgeous scent can leave a lasting memory !
lets have a 1-2-1

Feel free to take a look around


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