Riding the entrepreneur rollercoaster

Life is a rollercoaster (can you hear Ronan Keating singing away or is that just me?!) and the life of an entrepreneur is usually the toughest of rollercoasters!

I’m going to share parts of my rollercoaster journey and how I managed to ride it, sometimes clinging on for dear life and sometimes wanting to jump off on the ascent!  

I’ve found different coping mechanisms and I’d like to share some with you to help you with overwhelm and to give you the courage to carry on.

My business has just celebrated its 5th birthday and it has put me into a reflective mood. I celebrated the anniversary of starting my business surrounded by people who have helped me throughout my journey. They’ve helped me to succeed and to cling on when my rollercoaster went too fast or I was left clinging upside down by my fingernails!

My focus on being self-employed, having my own successful business and being “the boss” has impacted on my family life, my marriage and my friendships in many positive and negative ways. It allows me to be there for my children when they need me and my mum’s taxi service is well-used.

It also prevents me from having expensive holidays, buying a new wardrobe and eating out on a regular basis but rather than being despondent about that I use it as my driver to continue to exceed the status quo.

It has been a journey of self-discovery, resilience, stress, panic and overwhelm. It’s also been a journey filled with laughs and smiles, celebrations and successes.

I have had times when I struggled to get myself out of bed to start my day, days when I returned after lunch to my office and simply couldn’t do anything other than sleep. On the other hand, I have had days when I have worked from dawn until dusk and ignored my rumbling tummy because I was so focused and enjoying creating my “empire”.

“All you need is love”

In the most part I love what I do, what I have achieved and who I have become. I think that’s the thing that keeps me going, LOVE.

Love for my brand, the people I work with, the way in which I feel satisfaction at having helped someone else to achieve their goals, the passion and drive I feel to continue.

On the days when I feel low, I wonder “Why am I putting myself through this stress?” When my resilience is non-existent and my smile won’t come, I have to dig deep to find the energy to think positively. I have to force myself to focus on where I’m heading and see the bigger picture as a series of goals to achieve, one by one.

My coping strategies

Breaking down goals and setting targets in terms of time, enables me to see achievable milestones rather than an insurmountable list of dreams.

I also use mindfulness and meditation to relax and indulge myself at the times when I can’t even get off the sofa. A psychologist I met once explained to me that on the days you don’t feel like “adulting” the best way to cope is to indulge your inner child, relax and enjoy peace and quiet. Imagine putting a small child into an adult’s world and expecting him/her to function as you would. It’s impossible, so indulge that child inside you and let him/her have a duvet day or go for a walk and clear your mind.

The business network I have built allows me to support others who are feeling overwhelm, to lend a waterproof shoulder or a listening and sympathetic ear and in turn they do the exact same for me. There has never been a day when all of us at once are feeling low or stressed and there is always someone to pick each other up, dust them down and send them back into the real world with a smile.

I have a library of personal development books but they remain unread. One of my challenges this year is to embrace that library and surround myself with every opportunity to remain focused and positive.

The biggest and best tip I can give you for succeeding against adversity in business is to surround yourself with people in the same situation as you. Allow them to lift you up and be there for them, always.

I’ve created a business which allows me to surround myself with business people in the same position as me, every single day. It’s called Perfect People Group Ltd and they really are the perfect people to help you succeed with your business. They help with business referrals, cutting costs, advice, mentoring, training and most of all they help me to smile and now I can ride that rollercoaster grinning and shouting “yippeeee!!!!”

Come and find out what Perfect People is all about. Come down to one of our networking meetings and meet this fabulous team of entrepreneurs, who are all working together to grow their businesses.