We’re re-branding and launching our new website!

In four years of building this incredible business community the branding has changed three times.

Does that make it look unprofessional? The owner indecisive? Do you think I get bored easily?

It’s none of the above. It’s about evolving. It’s about realising that what you have is ok, it has served you well and now it’s time to lift your game.

It’s about moving with the times, updating the look and feel of your brand and your website to better demonstrate who you are and what you have to offer.

It’s recognising that what you have isn’t right anymore and that there’s no shame in re-inventing yourself.

On this occasion our re-brand wasn’t planned. One of our regular attendees approached me about a website concept he had which he knew would enable us to provide solutions to our customers that would be a game changer.

I never thought I would be able to own a website like that!!

On the back of this he asked me how precious I was about my branding…. I was mortified! I loved it, I’d worked with the design agency to develop it and it wasn’t very old!

Instead of being closed to the idea of a rebrand I told him I was happy to consider his ideas. Boy am I glad I did, what a transformation! The new logo spoke to me immediately. It said so much, the two P’s for Perfect People shaking hands yet having them standing against each other providing support to each other demonstrated “perfectly” the way in which we “have the backs” of our PP colleagues.

The colour was not only vibrant (anyone who knows me knows I am definitely not dull!) but is the colour associated with help, support, friendliness – all of the things I ensure is at the heart of my business.

So he’d impressed me with the new brand and then came the website, I WAS BESIDE MYSELF! Not only is it modern, concise and well-constructed (I’ve learnt a lot about websites recently!!) it had all the functions I’d wanted for so long.

A directory of our “perfect people”, contact details, social info, website links, testimonials, maps ALL searchable using keywords.

A diary of events, so much easier to use than a list of dates

The ability to book and pay online without the need for an external ticketing provider

A blog! Those who know me know that I love to gab so basically a blog is as exciting to me as ben and jerry’s when I get out of my weight watchers class!

Your online presence says so much about you and your business. In a time of social media making or breaking businesses, a time when it is considered ok to sit behind a keyboard and be vile to other human beings it is the shop window to you and your business. A way to demonstrate your professionalism, abilities and personality.

Our new website and brand shines out to me. Just look at what you could have if you open your eyes to possibilities and believe that actually YOU CAN DO IT.