What’s the value in face-to-face business networking? How can you get the most out of it to improve your business? Which business networks will work best for your industry?
We’ve all been there. Looking at an event on Eventbrite thinking, “Really? I have to get up at the crack of dawn and pay £20 for a crappy bacon sandwich?”
Thanks, but no thanks.
Well, it’s not the breakfast/lunch/dinner that you’re paying for; it’s being able to talk to the people in the room. It’s having access to local business people that are tried and tested by other members. It’s having the opportunity to showcase what you do!
All networking events are different. There are business networks for different industry sectors, specific demographics (e.g. women only) and geographical locations.

What makes Perfect People different?

Perfect People don’t target specific industries or groups of people. As we grow, we’re adding more locations; starting in Huddersfield and growing throughout West Yorkshire. In 2019, we’re also hoping to expand into South Yorkshire.
Our networking meetings give local business owners the opportunity to connect with each other. We try to focus on having an informal, relaxed atmosphere at all our networking events. Over the years we’ve seen our members grow into firm friends who provide support and advice to each other. We’ve even had people find love through Perfect People!
Our events are spread across different times of the day, allowing our members to work around their own schedule. Whether you’re a working parent, side-hustler or stretched business owner, you’ll find a meeting that fits with your schedule.

Your networking pitch

Like other business networking groups, we ask our attendees to give an overview of what they do to the room. If you’re shy, we’ll help you out – other members will prompt you with questions if you’re struggling. You don’t have to stand up if you don’t want to. There’s not a stop watch in sight, even at larger meetings. And best of all? No cheesy tag lines.
It’s not always about who’s in the room at networking events. Sometimes it’s about those people’s extended networks.
I recently got a referral into a large company through a freelance PA. Her business is small, but her clients are large. There are loads of sectors that feed into each other really nicely at Perfect People.
Charlotte Skayee, Word it! Communications Ltd

Ready to give it a go?

We’re celebrating our fifth year as a business networking organisation this month.
Come along to our Huddersfield meeting on 27th February to find out what we’re all about! See if you think your business would benefit from being part of our successful business network!