About us

Why Perfect People?

Business networking is the easiest and best way to grow your client base, build relationships with trusted suppliers, and ultimately improve your business’ bottom line performance. Perfect People was formed because we recognised that there was a gap in the market for an affordable, flexible, no-commitment group that offered the potential for business relationships built on a genuine desire to help and support our local economy.

We believe that sustainable business relationships are built on getting to know, like and trust each other, by providing support and advice based on your own expertise. Over time, this trust will lead to better connections within the local business community, and allow other members to refer work to your company.

We organise business networking meetings across Yorkshire at various times of the day so that we can serve as many businesses as possible. This adds flexibility for business owners who can’t commit to attending meetings at the same time every week. Our two-hour meetings are designed to be fairly relaxed; with open networking, followed by the main meeting and finishing with a delicious meal and the opportunity to chat over breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We don’t believe in competition. We believe in finding the right fit between customer and supplier. We positively encourage collaboration between companies within the same industry.

For example, having two web designers in the room is beneficial to the group because they are likely to have different skill sets and price points. In fact, this means that people in the same sector are likely to refer to one another once they have developed a trusting business relationship.

Our networking group leaders are passionate about helping businesses to succeed. Along with our attendees and advocates we will support you to grow and develop utilising our own networks, ensuring you get the best return on your networking investment.

We don’t tie our attendees down to membership fees, we want to provide the flexibility to dip in and out in line with your business’ peaks and troughs. We don’t need to either! With almost five years of Perfect People we’ve proven our success.

We actively seek business owners, managers, business developers and purchasing staff to attend our meetings, get involved with our community (we’re online as well as having weekly meetings in our locations!).

Get involved and educate us about your business, let us get to know the person behind the business and we’ll not only buy from you, we’ll find new customers for you and there’ll be lots of laughs and fun along the way.

I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.Brené Brown

Our founder

Hi, I have enjoyed a varied and fulfilling corporate career in sales and marketing in industries such as recruitment, sports and fitness, building maintenance and resettlement training. It is with this experience that I truly thrive on helping others succeed in business.

I established the Perfect People networking groups in February 2014 to sit alongside my virtual and PA support business. At the time I understood the value of networking and had attended various events, but never couldn’t find the right format at the right price with the right level of commitment.

The vision for Perfect People was born from a very personal desire to help and support businesses to succeed, and following many steep learning curves I encountered on my own journey into self-employment, to be an ambassador for great business relationships.

I wanted to create a community of businesses that collaborated, supported and developed each other to grow which in turn improves the local economy. To encourage groups who empower and motivate one another to help rather than to sell.

In 2017 Perfect People grew exponentially after I made the decision to focus solely on networking and to follow my dream.

Today, I attend many of the meetings and work around my family commitments to keep developing this thriving community of like-minded people.

With best wishes,

Victoria Field
Founder of Perfect People

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Our sponsored charity

The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust LogoWe are proud to announce that The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust is our official sponsored charity. Since mid-2017, Perfect People has been supporting, raising money and creating awareness for this local charity and we hope to help them raise much needed funds over the course of our continued support.

About The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust

The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust is the only UK charity funding medical research specifically into cancer affecting teenagers and young adults, where it can frequently strike in dangerous and complex forms. The Trust also funds measures to improve the quality of life for young cancer patients, both during and in the aftermath of their illnesses. Support is offered to all of the hospitals throughout the UK which treat teenage cancer (currently 39).

To find out more about this great charity, visit their website here: www.lauracranetrust.org.